Open Enrollment Courses

As Real As It Gets Maritime Training

Our Open Enrollment Courses range from basic STCW training courses to Coast Guard approved advanced firefighting and even train the trainer courses. At Resolve Maritime Academy, we pride ourselves on providing the most immersive, real-life training possible. Our instructors all have years of first-hand maritime and firefighting experience, allowing us to better assist our students with how to stay prepared and react properly to any situation.

Advanced Firefighting Revalidation $375
Advanced Damage Control    $1,800
Bridge Resource Management   $3,500
Basic Firefighting Revalidation $250
Basic Training Revalidation (USCG) $495
Basic Firefighting (STCW) $350
Basic Safety Training (STCW) $900
Confined Space $350
Confined Space Refresher $200
Combined Basic & Advanced Fire Fighting (USCG)  $825
Crisis Management and Human Behavior $200
Crowd Management $200
Dynamic Positioning – Nautical Institute Scheme$2,000
Dynamic Positioning – OSVDPA Scheme$2,000
Damage Control $450
ECDIS Generic IMO 1.27 $1,300
ERRM $1,300
Fast Rescue Boat (STCW) $1,300
Fire Resource Management  $350
First Aid & CPR $125
Hazwoper $700
Leadership and Managerial Skill$1,200
LNG Awareness$125
LNG Fire Fighting$500
Marine Firefighting for Landbased Firefighters (DHS Approved) $1,400
Management of Electrical & Electronic Control Equipment (MEECE) $1,000
Maritime Security Awareness $125
MCA Advanced Firefighting    $800
MCA Advanced Firefighting Updating   $190
MSC Shipboard Helicopter Firefighting $400
Portable Fire Extinguisher $100
Personal Survival Techniques Revalidation $245
Qualified Assessor $400
Radar Observer Recertification $190
Radar Observer (Unlimited) $790
Rating Forming Part of an Engineering Watch Motor Assessments Only $550
Rating Forming Part of a Navigational Watch $790
Supervisor and Assessor Train the Trainer   $1,400
Vessel, Company, and Facility Security Officer$950
Vessel Personnel with Designated Security Duties    $285
XVR Simulation Training    $350
XVR Simulation Training (1-Day)   $1900