Full Mission Bridge Simulator

The simulators available at Resolve Maritime Academy feature some of the most advanced technology available to students in the maritime industry. All simulators are the latest generation of Transas acclaimed NTPro 5000 products, featuring industry leading visuals and ship models for training. Our Full Mission Bridge and Wing are an ideal setting for ship handling and resource management training while our two mini-bridges are adaptable to multiple configurations to best suit the varied needs of our clients.

Our 240° HFOV Transas Full-Mission Class "A" simulator is equipped with Transas Navi Sailor 4000, Sperry VisionMaster, and NACOS Platinum and 1100 ECDIS systems.  Our facility also includes a separate 205° "Bridge Wing" integrated with the Full-Mission Bridge simulator and allows for the realistic transfer of control between the main bridge and bridge wing as well as the realistic docking and undocking of vessels.  Simulation also incorporates the use of two 120° Mini-Bridges or "part task simulators".  Each Mini-Bridge has three  42” visual displays and integrated controls, Electronic Chart Display and Information System( ECDIS), RADAR/Automatic Radar Planning Aids (ARPA) and full instrumentation available on a Conning display.  The Mini-Bridges are capable of operating independently or interactively in any combination including interactivity with the Main Bridge.  We also offer more than 100 global ports/areas & more than 50 ship models for training.