Wet Trainer

At Resolve Maritime Academy we’re proud to have the only 2-story damage control wet trainer facility in the southeast United States. Our wet trainer allows us to simulate flooding from breaches, broken pipes and hatches and is designed to give ship’s first responders the knowledge and understanding necessary to deal with survivable hull breaches.

The trainer stands 40’ long x 8’ wide, 2 stories high totaling 640 square feet, making it the largest wet trainer outside of the military. It features a wet room for practicing damage control techniques and a flooding room to run scenarios ranging from command tactics to damage assessment, as well as 2nd flood access, giving students the ability to enter the flooded compartment from above and thus incorporating modern SOP’s into their practical training.

The Resolve Maritime Academy Damage Control courses encourage team building, proper decision making and damage control tactics in an environment that develops crucial hands-on skills in a safe but stressful environment. Before getting into the wet trainer, students will cover NAPA damage stability, case studies, cross and down flooding and flooding mitigation in the classroom before experiencing what it’s like to try and react appropriately in a confined flooding space.