Advanced Damage Control

Price: $1,800

Please Call +1 954 463 9195 or e-mail our Registrar at for information on course and customization

Length: 5 Days
Simulation: No
Equipment: Wet Trainer
Pre-requisites: None
Course Capacity: 10

Course Description

This 40 hour course is customizable to different types of vessels and different industry sectors. With three full days in our wet trainer attendees gain the knowledge and understanding needed to safely and quickly address flooding in a safe and controlled, yet realistic environment. The classroom portion focuses on issues specific to the type of vessels in focus and stresses the need for ship's crew to understand the value and limitations of safety features such as watertight doors, cross flooding and down flooding arrangements and their purpose. The loading computer is a valuable and powerful tool that needs to be understood by all ships officers, it's uses and the limitations are discussed in detail.