Combined Basic & Advanced Fire Fighting (USCG approved)
This course provides the necessary training to meet the STCW code, table A-VI/3 and satisfies the USCG requirement (46CFR Part 10) for license upgrade and renewal, and fulfills the STCW-95 Basic Safety Training requirements for firefighting.
Engine Room Resource Management (ERRM Gap Closer)
Trainees will learn effective resource management required to maintain a safe engineering watch at the operational level by using our Full Mission Simulator.
Management of Electrical & Electronic Control Equipment
(MEECE – Gap Closer)
15% discount through July 31, 2017
This one week course is approved by the U.S. Coast Guard through February 2018, to fulfill the requirements of the two week gap closure course (and at a 15% discount).
Advanced Damage Control
Survivable Hull Breach damage control is taught in this course, which includes NAPA Damage Stability, Case Studies, and Cross and Down Flooding, as well as Wet Trainer drills to give students hands-on practice in a safe environment.





Resolve Maritime Academy was founded 23 years ago and proudly serves mariners from the cruise, offshore, oil & gas, and yacht industry. Meeting the needs of our clients is one goal of our training philosophy so to the greatest extent possible, we customize courses for our client companies to align training with standard policies & procedures used onboard, creating relevant and realistic training. Realism is further enhanced through the use of our custom built 4 story live Fire Trainer; 2 story Wet Trainer and LNG practical training pit. Our NT Pro 5000 Class-A Full Mission Bridge and ERS 5000 Engine Room Simulator are both Transas USA platforms.

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Denise A. Jones