Training “As Real As It Gets”

Train with Maritime Firefighting and Safety Industry Leaders

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As the educational branch of Resolve Marine, we understand the importance of impactful training.

“As Real as It Gets” is more than live-action shipboard/land-based training. Real is Resolve’s USCG, STCW and MCA courses being led by instructors who actively work in Fire, EMT, and Response organizations. Real is learning from an Academy where real-world classroom learning is combined with live-action scenarios ingraining students with critical thinking skills required to prevent and respond to on-board/maritime emergencies. Real is being the only certification provider with unparalleled access to Resolve Marine’s global emergency response organization, ensuring students experience training “As Real as it Gets.”  Visit our parent company here: Resolve Marine.


Attending A Course is Easy:

1. Register for your course, 2. Review the Joining Letter sent to your email, 3. Come to class on time and ready to learn!

Customizing a Course for Your Team is Straightforward:

1. Call us at (954-463-9195) to discuss your training needs with one of our team members, 2. We’ll create your custom course, 3. Come to the session on time and ready to learn!

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Training “As Real As It Gets”

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