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Basic Damage Control

Resolve Maritime Academy offers the dynamic and practical one-day Basic Damage Control Class. This course focuses on equipping participants with the necessary skills to effectively control flooding damage caused by cracks, holes, and ruptures in pipes, hull plates, and failed watertight fittings. Expert Damage Control Mariners guide students through hands-on field exercises, providing invaluable knowledge and expertise.


  1. Identify your training team (minimum 6 people)
  2. Call 954-463-9195 to schedule the course
  3. Make sure you and your team review the Joining Letter sent to your emails
  4. Come to the session on time and ready to learn!

Throughout the course, trainees actively engage in problem-solving, communication, discovery, reporting, and prioritizing of damage repairs. They tackle various anomalies within our advanced Damage Control Trainer, which simulates flooding at a rate of 500 gallons per minute (GPM), creating a realistic training environment. Participants learn essential techniques such as creating shoring configurations (I-type and H-type), installing box and bucket patches, and applying various pipe patches (soft, Jubilee, Chain, and EWARP).

Additionally, the course emphasizes the significance of de-watering methods commonly used in the Maritime Industry. Trainees gain insight into the importance of efficiently removing floodwater from watertight compartments. Examples of de-watering equipment, including electrical submersible pumps and portable diesel-driven pumps, are showcased to enhance understanding and practical skills.

Resolve’s Basic Damage Control Class combines comprehensive training, practical exercises, and expert guidance. It not only enhances technical skills but also promotes teambuilding concepts, strengthening the seaworthiness of crews. By enrolling in this course, participants gain the essential knowledge and skills to handle damage control situations and ensure the safety of their crew and vessel.

Experience the unparalleled learning opportunities provided by Resolve Maritime Academy’s Basic Damage Control Class. Enroll today to enhance your maritime expertise and elevate your crew’s readiness to new heights!

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Damage Control class at Resolve Vision Facility.
Damage Control class at Resolve Vision Facility.

Basic Damage Control Training Course

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