Online  Training

Mariner Skills

Mariner Skills, LLC., an American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) approved training organization, offers the world’s largest library of online maritime courses. The company’s courses are class and flag state approved, with the courses aligned to STCW standards, as well as flag state requirements for mariner certification. Offering convenience and flexibility, online maritime training and skills courses offered by Mariner Skills are designed to provide seafaring and onshore personnel with convenient access to an extensive portfolio of topics and specialties.

Mariner Skills’ online maritime educational courses offer individual skills training courses, as well as course combinations designed to provide a strong basis of knowledge for new entrants into a field of study and professionals looking to advance their skills. All users are issued a certificate of achievement from Mariner Skills, upon successful completion.

All Mariner Skills courses run on a platform based on a proven self-paced learning model which employs an engaging learning management system that includes an e-Book filled with detailed description and compelling animated videos, self-assessment quizzes, and assessments.

STCW for Specialized Ships

STCW Special Training- Modular courses have been developed to meet the standards of the Chapter 5: STCW Code for Special Training Requirements for Personnel on Certain Types of Ships.

  • Tank Ship Liquified
  • Basic Polar Code Operations
  • Tank Ship Dangerous Liquids
  • Advanced Dangerous Liquids
  • Engine Room Resource Management (EERM)
  • Leadership & Managerial Skills
  • Leadership & Teamworking Skills

Professional Development & Advanced Courses

The professional development courses are geared to emerging professional areas of training needs. These can spread from the requirement of new regulations and its implementation; areas of need due to a recent crisis or, threat; and also due to introduction of a new technology. These courses are looking at addressing new challenges faced by the maritime professionals at sea and ashore by enriching their knowledge and skills. The scope includes activities and operations at the shore office, where the ship superintendent is trying to manage a fleet of ships. The management of technology has become a hugely accelerated demon for all maritime professionals today and the regime of life-long learning is here to stay, not just for your need, but as a survival strategy. It is a fact, continual updating of knowledge must be made a part of life for any professional in any industry, not just in shipping.

  • Crewmember Program for Towing Vessels – Subchapter M
  • Marine Environmental Awareness
  • Ballast Water Management
  • Corrosion and Coating Protection of Ships
  • Contract Management for Shipbuilding and Repairs
  • Ship Superintendent – General
  • Ship Superintendent – Marine
  • Ship Superintendent – Technical
  • Breakbulk Shipping
  • LNG as Marine Fuel
  • LNG as Cargo Operations
  • Maritime Logistics

Engine Officers & Rating Courses

Marine engineering work on board ships include but not limited to monitoring the mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and control equipment; the sophisticated engine management systems; maintenance and monitoring of the machinery space and log readings to carry out engineering operations safely.

Our courses are aligned and accredited to the standards specified under Chapter 3: STCW Code for Standards Regarding Engine Department (Certification).

  • Designated Duty Officer

Deck Officers & Ratings Courses

Deck officers including the ship’s captain are part of the navigation trained officers on board. Their role is to navigate the vessel from one port to the other, assist in safe loading of the vessel and take care of the cargo during transit and then deliver at the discharging port. Depending on the type of cargoes, the operation could vary in complexity. Our courses are aligned and accredited to the standards specified under Chapter 2: STCW Code for Standards Regarding the Master and Deck Department (Certification)

  • Able Seaman