Born from the "real-world" needs of Resolve Marine, The Resolve Maritime Academy's unique access to Global Emergency Response activities ensure students receive Firefighting, Safety and Resource Management skills beyond industry standards.

Our intensive maritime training courses and simulations are taught by active firefighting and response professionals giving our students access to real-life experiences in the situations they are training. Whether you require STCW, USCG, or MCA approved certification inland/maritime-based fire and safety, damage control, or crisis management, Resolve’s state-of-the-art bridge, fire, and flood simulators prepare students to mitigate emergencies saving property and life.

All courses are taught by officers with first-hand marine and firefighting experience, giving our students access to instructors with real-life experience in the situations they are training for. This, in combination with our industry-leading facilities and technology, makes Resolve Maritime Academy’s training as real as it gets.

Our Story

Resolve Academy courses and training can be customized for specific industries and attendees where firefighting, safety and crisis skills can be aligned with onboard/on land situations, policies and procedures.

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Meet Our Team

Resolve Maritime Academy students train with some of the industry’s top professionals who have years of relevant experience. Our instructor’s coach, mentor, and challenge students through realistic simulations and hands-on training, preparing them both mentally and physically to handle any situation—on land or at sea.


Our management and staff will assist you with enrolling for courses, customizing a program, and obtaining specialized services.

Chauncey Naylor

Chauncey Naylor


As Director of the Resolve Maritime Academy, the learning arm of the Resolve Marine Group, Chauncey Naylor returns to South Florida after 24 years with Williams Fire and Hazard Control in Port Arthur, Texas as Director of Emergency Response and Training. Chauncey began his career in South Florida as a Fire Officer for Port Everglades Authority Public Safety Department. During that time, he developed and directed a U.S.C.G. Approved Shipboard Firefighting Program for Miami-Dade Community College (first in the region). He then moved on to design and manage the building of the Gray Manatee Fire Trainer (the cornerstone of Resolve’s Live-Action training programs). As a leader in Industrial firefighting and special operations directing response teams worldwide, Chauncey earned the prestigious “Red Adair Award” crowning a highly decorated Fire Service Career.

Kevin Kenney

Kevin Kenney

Facilities Manager

Fire and safety are two areas that Kevin Kenney knows and understands thoroughly. Having worked in the Broward County public safety and fire sectors since 1980 (Joined Resolve in 1994), Kevin on the front lines with various agencies including Port Everglades Public Safety, Broward County Fire Rescue, BSO Fire Rescue, and most recently with Resolve Marine Group and Academy. Kevin’s fire fighting expertise is an important contribution to the Academy’s “As Real As It Gets” position where Kevin’s diverse safety sector experience ensures fire and damage control simulations immerse students into real-world scenarios.

John Cunningham

John Cunningham

Fire Program Coordinator

From frontline emergency response experience to operational leadership, John Cunningham brings over 35-years firefighting, training, education, and leadership expertise to Resolve’s Maritime Academy. John’s commitment to the emergency response sector is illustrated by his tenure with Canaveral Fire Rescue where, in 1998, he was instrumental in the development and operation of the Port Canaveral Maritime Academy which led to his appointment as Cape Canaveral’s Fire Marshall. In his role as Fire Program Coordinator at the Resolve Academy, John translates his extensive firefighting career into an advanced, educational experience for both classroom and live-action learning.

Will Williamson

Will Williamson

Training Coordinator

After 20 years in the U.S. Coast Guard’s Search & Rescue, Counter-Narcotic and -Terrorism operations, Will Williamson honed his crisis management/ emergency preparedness capabilities as he helped the city of New Orleans rebuild after Hurricane Katrina. Taking that passion and experience into the classroom, Will’s past six years as an instructor have been highly-effective teaching and mentoring crewmembers in shipboard and bridge leadership. As the Maritime Training Coordinator, Will’s real-world training combined with his B.A. in Homeland Security focuses his expertise towards innovative fire, safety, and crisis training.

Kim Hamby

Kim Hamby

Course Coordinator / Administrative Assistant

Kim Hamby has been in the Academy’s front office greeting new and returning attendees with her infectious enthusiasm and attentive service for over 10 years. Kim, a long-term resident of South Florida, has extensive experience working in administrative roles where her attention to detail and calm demeanor ensures Academy attendees are prepared and informed before, during and after their course programs.


Resolve Maritime Academy employs a diverse staff of part-time and adjunct instructors who offer focused expertise, specialized services, and support as required. These instructors have recent and relevant hands-on experience and are subject matter experts in the areas they teach. These instructors are all professionals with first-hand experience working as structural firefighters, pilots, emergency responders, and more.


The Resolve Maritime Academy’s State-of-the-Art facilities and Live-Action Training Simulators are staffed with experienced instructors who not only work in the fields they are teaching but have unparalleled access to Resolve Marine Group’s real-time emergency response operations.

Training “As Real As It Gets”

Training “As Real As It Gets”

Real-world scenarios combined with live-action simulations delivering training so real you forget the modules are controlled.  



Get out of your head and into the zone working through intense situations learning to make critical decisions under pressure. 

Bring Out Your Inner Hero

Bring Out Your Inner Hero

Through comprehensive instruction, each of us can overcome personal limitations and take effective actions that result in outstanding achievements. 

On-Board Expertise

On-Board Expertise

Resolve Academy imparts in-depth subject matter combined with hands-on experience so you can be your vessel’s subject matter expert. 

Becoming a Team

Becoming a Team

Team efficiency does not happen, it is developed through immersive situations, cooperative interaction, and measurable achievements. 

Protect Lives

Protect Lives

During an emergency time is important, crisis management training enables students to make split second decisions that can make the difference between live and death.  


Resolve Maritime Academy courses are USCG/MCA certified exceeding industry standards providing students insight and learning from active emergency responders.


Resolve Maritime Academy is aligned with leading marine organizations where information sharing contributes to our students' learning experience.


Resolve is involved with leading maritime organizations contributing to policy and outreach programs that ensure our training reflects current conditions impacting diverse marine sectors.


What to wear

For many classes, training is broken up between classroom and simulation learning. In the classroom, the dress is casual but tasteful. We want all students to be comfortable but think about being considerate of others as you choose your outfits. In the fire and damage control simulators, you must wear shirts, long pants, and closed-toe shoes with socks (sandals, open toe shoes, flip flops are not permitted). The training simulators are live-action and very real, your safety is paramount to us! If you have any questions, contact us.

What to bring

Your identification, great attitude and desire to learn hands-on.  We will provide writing instruments and paper for note-taking.  All other handouts and learning materials are provided. Jewelry including rings and necklaces are discouraged and students should leave them at home on firefighting days since the Academy cannot ensure the safety of these items.

Drugs & Alcohol

The Resolve Academy is “As Real As It Gets” training in the midst of live fire, crisis conditions, and South Florida weather.  The use of drugs and alcohol before and during any class/training activities is strictly enforced (other than medications prescribed by a licensed doctor to a named patient).  If we suspect you are under the influence, you will be immediately removed from class/training.  Resolve training is intense and strenuous, you will need all your focus and clarity to take full advantage of your educational investment.

What is there to do in Fort Lauderdale?

The Resolve Academy in Fort Lauderdale is minutes from everything South Florida has to offer.  If you have time before or after your training days, miles of beaches, amazing shopping, people watching, shopping are all yours.  Be sure to plan your activities so they do not interfere with your “live-action” training, for more information visit our attendee extras page.

Where can I stay near the Academy?

The Academy is minutes from Fort Lauderdale Beach, Port Everglades Cruise Ship terminals and 3 International airports placing you in the center of hotels and vacation rentals from small motels to 5-star accommodations.  Visit our attendee extra page for more information on local hotels with special Resolve rates as well as various ways to get to, from and around Fort Lauderdale.

Course Hours & Holidays

Standard classroom and training day hours are from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM with lunch and breaks.  Students must attend all classroom and field training hours to receive their certificates.  Students should plan to arrive 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time.  The Resolve Maritime Academy recognizes are US federal holidays and makes great effort to schedule around these holidays.  On rare occasions, classes will overlap with a holiday and attendance on these days is required.

How do I get there?

The Resolve Academy classrooms are located at 1510 SE 17th Street, 3rd Floor, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316 (Minutes from FLL Airport, Port Everglades, just east of I-95) with field training simulators separate from the main campus inside Port Everglades.  All addresses are current and searchable on Google Maps, Waze, Google Earth, and Navigator apps.  Visit our attendee extras page for car, train, scooter, and share ride services.

What about lunch?

The Academy does have a galley area where you can bring your own lunch or there are numerous eateries and restaurants just outside our front door depending on your taste.  Visit our attendee extras page for a few recommendations.

Who am I?

STCW regulations and flag state administrators require that we keep a copy of your official government-issued identification on file. You must bring with you and show your ID with Photo on your first day of training, certificates will not be issued unless the photo ID is presented prior to course completion. For MCA students only a passport can be accepted.  For more information regarding acceptable identification contact us.

Will there be homework?

Not all the information contained in the Student Manuals/Handouts will be covered in class; therefore, you will not officially have homework but we highly recommend that you read all handouts in their entirety after class.

What about hydration?

Throughout the training sessions, you will be working with, in and around water but you will need to ensure that you drink large quantities of water especially during field exercises since the live-scenario training can be demanding, outside in Florida weather.  We will have coolers constantly available for your use.

What do I do with my personal belongings?

Resolve Maritime Academy will not be held liable for any lost, damaged jewelry or personal items during training.  Before you come to class, we recommend that personal items be left at home since we do not provide lockers or secure storage.  You bring personal items to class/training at your own risk.

Cell phone and mobile device usage

During training and in the classroom, mobile phone and device usage is not permitted.  Resolve training is detailed and intricate, your complete attention is required along with respect for other students (unnecessary disruption).  Phones should be turned off; staff can take messages for you if necessary.

How do students conduct themselves?

At the Resolve Maritime Academy, students are always expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner. Resolve reserves the right to request a student to leave the premises because of misconduct in the classroom or during practical exercises. Misconduct is any action that is offensive to or jeopardizes the safety of students, instructors, or any other persons.

What are Sea Time requirements?

For courses that have sea-time requirements, only official sea time letters or Mariner’s discharge papers are acceptable forms of sea time. These requirements are the policies of the flag state administration.

Can I get my course records?

All students who have registered for an account on the Resolve Maritime Academy website will have access to their course records.  With your log-in, you can access scheduled course information, past course detail including payments and dates.  Course certifications are kept on file for a minimum of 7 years. Should you lose your certificate, a certified copy can be produced for you at a nominal fee. For any information not available online, please email registrar@resolveacademy.com

Course attendance details

Attendance in all classroom sessions and field evolutions is mandatory. A certificate of training will only be issued when a passing grade on written and practical testing is obtained. For MCA students, on the first day of class you will be asked to provide an STCW 95 Basic Fire Fighting Certificate and documentation reflecting a minimum of 6 months sea time service. If you cannot complete a course for any reason, you are permitted to register and return to complete the course within 12 months at no additional cost. If you do not complete the course within 12 months, the entire course must be repeated.

Who do I talk to about registrations?

We know that all your questions cannot be covered in these FAQs and our teams are available to provide additional clarifications and answer your questions please visit our contact page.

What is STCW? Do I need it?

STCW (Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers) is an internationally recognized certification standard required by all seafarers working on commercial vessels above 24 meters (79 feet) in length. This includes crew working on commercial ships, ferries, cruise ships and superyachts. STCW certification is also recommended for those looking for work on private yachts, as owners, captains and/or management companies will rarely hire crew without it.

What is MCA? Do I need it?

MCA stands for the Maritime and Coastguard Agency. It is the organization responsible for maritime safety in the UK.  This role encompasses setting the standard for training and certification for seafarers, including the minimum requirements for certification of superyacht crew.  The MCA is an agency of the Department for Transport of the British Government. Even if you have completed similar courses, unless they are approved by the MCA they will not be recognized for use in the superyacht industry.

What happens if I am late/tardy?

Should a student be late to any class that part of a class that was missed can be made up after hours at the sole discretion of the course instructor. Acts of God, transportation delays, sickness, or personal issues that cause a student to be late or absent are all situations that are outside of the control of Resolve Maritime Academy and therefore are not the responsibility of Resolve Maritime Academy. Due to the threat of hurricanes in the South Florida area, if the National Hurricane Center declares a Hurricane Watch or Warning for the South Florida area, Resolve Maritime Academy may cancel any scheduled course and request students currently attending courses to leave the premises and relocate to a safe location of their choice. Any course which is delayed for a hurricane will be rescheduled at the earliest mutually agreeable opportunity.

Can I get a refund for a cancelled class?

2 weeks prior to the start of the class, 80% of payment received will be refunded or is transferable to a future date. Cancellation 1 week prior to the start of the class, 50% of payment received will be refunded or is transferable to a future date. Cancellation less than 1 week prior to the start of the class, there is only the option to transfer to a future date.

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