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Marine Firefighting for Landbased


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Lecture, Simulation




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The Marine Firefighting for Landbased Firefighters course aligns with NFPA Standard 1005 and recommendations of NFPA 1405. Its goal is to equip firefighters with a strong understanding of the maritime industry and its operations. Topics covered include ship’s organization, construction, and familiarization. Participants gain extensive knowledge of strategy and tactics for various ship configurations while exploring similarities and differences with structural firefighting.  TEEX Certification is available on request.


  1. Identify your training team (minimum 12 people)
  2. Call 954-463-9195 to schedule the course (notify us if TEEX Certification desired)
  3. Make sure you and your team review the Joining Letter sent to your emails
  4. Come to the session on time and ready to learn!

The class combines 70% classroom instruction with 30% practical exercises. Through hands-on training, students develop skills to operate effectively within a full-scale Incident Command System (ICS) environment. Collaboration with diverse resources from the public and private sectors is emphasized, ensuring a comprehensive approach to firefighting in maritime settings. Enhance your capabilities as a firefighter by enrolling in this course and be ready to tackle marine emergencies with confidence.

  • NFPA 1005 Standard for Professional Qualifications for Marine Firefighting for Land-Based Firefighters.
  • NFPA 1403 Standard on Live Fire Training Evolutions
  • NFPA 1405 Guide for Land-Based Firefighters Who Respond to Marine Vessel Fires


We specifically developed this course for professional firefighters, tailoring it to their unique needs and requirements.


Upon completing the course, firefighters will gain a comprehensive understanding of identifying vessel traffic, cargo, hazardous materials, and marine hazards in their response area. They will learn the importance of proactive planning, assessing resources, and identifying deficiencies within their department. Additionally, firefighters will understand the roles and responsibilities of federal, state, and local agencies in marine emergency response, fostering effective collaboration.

With the acquired knowledge and skills, firefighters will be well-equipped to respond to and handle marine emergencies competently. Enroll now to enhance your firefighting proficiency and readiness in marine emergency situations. Take a significant step towards strengthening your abilities in this specialized field.

View our custom course here: Marine Firefighting for Landbased Firefighters Custom Course.

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