Our Team

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Resolve Maritime Academy Management & Staff

Denise Jones - Director
Denise is the Director of Resolve Maritime Academy and has been with the Resolve Group since 2003.  She has 38 years of business experience and holds a B.S. in Business Administration. As the Director Denise is responsible for all financial and administrative aspects of the Academy. During her tenure, she oversaw the expansion of the Academy’s office/classroom space, addition of over 50 new courses, addition of Dynamic Positioning Classroom/Course/Equipment, construction of a new Wet Trainer and the overall expansion of the Academy client base.

E-mail: djones@resolveacademy.com
Phone: 954-294-4374

Jose Marti - Fire Academy Chief

Jose has over 26 years of relevant Fire Service experience including 22 years of experience in Fire training and EMS, most recently with St. Thomas University’s where he is an adjunct instructor for the BA in Fire Science Program. He attained the position of Shift Commander at Key Biscayne Fire Rescue and manages all aspects of fire training for the organization. Jose serves as Resolve Maritime Academy’s Fire School Chief and concurrently as the Fire Response Coordinator for Resolve Marine Group. He holds a MS in Executive Management; BA in Organizational Leadership; AS in Fire Science Technology and completed the FEMA USFA National Fire Academy’s Executive Fire Officer Program.

E-mail: jmarti@resolveacademy.com
Phone: 954-383-1832

Shannon M. Young - Registrar
Shannon is the Registrar for Resolve Maritime Academy. She brings 9 years of relevant experience to the Academy and holds a B.A. in Public Administration from Florida International University. Shannon’s primary responsibilities include processing students’ registration requests, organizing, and administering schedules. She manages registrar inquiries and requests with maritime clientele, faculty, staff, and students. She is also responsible for bookkeeping of clients and students.

E-mail: syoung@resolveacademy.com

Kim Hamby – Course Coordinator / Administrative Support
Kim is the Course Coordinator and Administrative Support for Resolve Maritime Academy. Kim has been with the Academy for 4 years and is responsible for the organization and production of all classroom materials.

E-mail: khamby@resolveacademy.com

Jeremiah Sheahen – Lead Simulator Technician
Jeremiah is the Lead Simulator Technician responsible for the operation and maintenance of all simulators at the Academy including Bridge and Engine simulators. He has 15 years of experience in maritime simulation which includes serving as a Field Service Engineer for Kongsberg Maritime Simulation and as a Simulation Service Technician for repair/maintenance of Bridge and Engine Simulators at RTM STAR Center. Jeremiah is credited with inventing a motorized edge blending system and is an expert in projection and display systems and integrating third party hardware/software.

Kevin Kenney – Facility Manager
Kevin is the Academy’s Facility Manager who is responsible for all props, training gear, equipment, and overall training ground maintenance. Kevin has 30 years of relevant experience as a State Certified Firefighter with a Technical Rescue Certification, Hazardous Materials Certification and Fireboat Qualified. He has been with Resolve Maritime Academy for 23 years and his area of specialty is training prop design and construction, such as assisting in the planning, design, and construction of the Gray Manatee and new Wet Trainer used at Resolve Maritime Academy’s Fire Training Site.

E-mail: kkenney@resolvemarine.com
Phone: 954-931-3010

Fire Instructors

Tom Jones – Training Manager / Senior Instructor
Tom has been with Resolve Maritime Academy since 2001 and is our Training Manager and Senior Instructor for all classes in firefighting and safety. Tom served 8 years in the U.S. Navy as a Damage Controlmen and brings actual experience to his students. Tom worked closely with the New York City Fire Department on their Firefighting and Damage Control training and led the fire team training on the last 4 new builds for Royal Caribbean Cruise Line–one ship being the largest cruise ship in the world.

Matt Everett – Lead Fire Instructor
Matt is the Lead Fire Instructor at Resolve Maritime Academy and has 23 years of relevant experience with the U.S. Navy and 8 years with Resolve Maritime Academy. His specialty is as a Fire Instructor and he holds a Journeyman Fire Fighter Rating, Any Industry. Matt was a U.S. Navy Damage Control Chief Petty Officer in the Navy and specializes in teaching all firefighting courses at Resolve Maritime Academy.

Bill Medina - Instructor
Bill has been an Instructor with Resolve Maritime Academy since 2003, specializing in Shipboard Firefighting. He served 35 years at the Homestead Air Force Base Fire Department and served 4 years of active duty as an Air Force Firefighter

John Shearer – Instructor/Course Developer
John is a part-time Instructor/Course Developer. He has 28 years in the fire service, holds a B.S. in Fire Science and his last employer was the City of Hialeah Fire Department where he rose to the position of District Chief responsible for the supervision/management of 8 fire stations with 65 response personnel covering an area of 27 square miles and 200,000 people. John developed Resolve’s Fire Resource Management Course which was approved by the State of Florida Bureau of Fire Standards for CEU credit toward renewal of instructor and inspector certifications.

Simulator Instructors

Rosemary Mackay – Lead Engineering Instructor
Rosemary is the Lead Engineering Instructor at Resolve Maritime Academy. She is responsible for all aspects of Engine Department Training including training & auditing new instructors and courses to ensure quality standards are maintained. She also has the lead role in new course development. Rosemary holds multiple licenses, most notably as First Assistance Engineer of Steam, Motor or Gas Turbine, any horsepower; Chief Engineer, Limited Oceans, Steam, Motor or Gas Turbine, any horsepower as well as Master, 100 GT Inland. She is also an ISO 9001 Lead Auditor. Rosemary obtained an A.A.S. in Marine Engineering Technology from Great Lakes Maritime Academy.

Prakash Ramachandran – Deck Instructor
Prakash is an Instructor specializing in research, development, and instruction of courses such as Vessel Resource Management, Bridge Resource Management, Leadership & Management Skills, Advanced Colregs, and Advanced Ship Handling for Senior and Junior level officers. He has over 15 years of relevant experience in teaching and is a licensed Master. Previous experience includes service as the Department Head and Company Training Officer for the International Maritime Training Center in Mumbai, India and Company Training Officer for Wilhelmsen Ship Management. Prakash is an experienced Marine Surveyor who has been involved in independent and joint efforts such as Draft Surveys, P&I Club Inspections, Bunker Surveys, Cargo Pre/Post Load, Discharging Surveys and On/Off Hire Surveys.

Thomas Randall – Engine Course Instructor
Thomas is an Instructor of Maritime Courses specializing in Simulator-based Instruction Led Training (ILT). He has 46 years of relevant experience, 6 years as an Instructor and 40 years as a Marine Engineer with 28 of those years as a Licensed Engine Officer. Tom holds a license as 2nd Assistant Engineer Unlimited Oceans, Gas & Motor with International endorsements. Prior to joining Resolve Maritime Academy, Thomas served as Chief Engineer aboard the Research Vessels Athena and Athena II and as a Shipbuilding/Senior Instructor/US Navy CVN New Equipment Trainer for non-propulsion engineering systems.

Pete Oliver – ECDIS Instructor / Simulator Operator
Pete is an Instructor/Simulator Operator. He has 33 years of experience in Marine Navigation System Simulators, installation, curriculum design, STCW ECDIS training and instruction. Specializing in ECDIS, Pete developed a customized Advanced ECDIS course for a major cruise line which he serves as the course Instructor and Simulator Operator. Pete has 20 years of experience with U.S. Navy in marine navigation and piloting in the Quartermaster rating. He holds a B.S. in Business Administration.