Between Two Yetis Episode 6 Fire: Prevention & Response


Between Two Yetis Episode 6 Fire: Prevention & Response

Resolve Marine (OPA 90 SMFF – Bryan Alonso) and Resolve Academy (Firefighting/Safety Training – Chauncey Naylor) joined the Between Two Yetis team at Wright Marine Center in Fort Lauderdale as part of a panel discussing FIRE: PREVENTION & RESPONSE.  The panel hosted by the International Superyacht Society consisting of Glynn Day (FireRanger), Russ Erickson (Interior Technology Services) and Captain Lee (Between Two Yetis) sat together and openly discussed why it seemed like 2019 was a terrible year for yachts catching fire – is there an underlying problem?  While the group were expressing opinion based on their extensive experience in the fire prevention and superyachting industry, the conversation was frank with some excellent insight into an area that not only impacts the superyachting industry but every seafaring vessel.

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