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MCA Basic & Advanced Firefighting


$999 USD


4 days


8:00 am - 5:00 pm



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Lecture, Simulation




Advanced Firefighting – MCA

The MCA Advanced Firefighting course is designed to provide mariners with the knowledge and skills needed to develop a realistic shipboard fire prevention program. Through the use of classroom lectures, tabletop exercises, and practical experience, the students will learn to effectively organize firefighting teams and respond to a fire aboard a ship. This course includes specific modules related to fire protection for yachts, cruise ships, and foreign-flagged vessels. The course meets the requirements of STCW-95 for advanced firefighting and may be used specifically towards the issue of a United Kingdom Certificate of Competency.

Target Audience

This course is open to crew members of Private yachts and Foreign Flagged Vessels. This course provides the necessary training to meet the Standards of Training, Certification, and Watchkeeping (STCW), Regulation VI/3, Paragraph 1 and table A-VI/3 and for license upgrade and renewal.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion, the students will acquire the skills needed to develop a realistic shipboard fire prevention program. This course also allows the crew to effectively organize firefighting operations to optimize their limited resources. Even with limited resources, the crew can respond successfully to a fire aboard their ship.

Entry Standards

Trainees shall have a current STCW certification; provide a copy of their Basic Firefighting Certificate and a valid passport for identification. The passport number is required on the certificate per MCA.

** Note: Completed onboard training in the following areas:

  • Fire-fighting procedures at sea and in port, with particular emphasis on organization, tactics, and command
  • Communication and coordination during fire-fighting operations
  • Ventilation control, including smoke extraction
  • Control of fuel and electrical systems
  • Fire-fighting process hazards (dry distillation, chemical reactions, boiler uptake, fires)
  • Fire precautions and hazards associated with the storage and handling of materials
  • Management and control of injured persons
  • Procedures for coordination with shore-based firefighter
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