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Damage Control/Crisis Management


$500 USD


1 days


8:00 am - 5:00 pm


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Basic Damage Control

Resolve’s Basic Damage Control Class is a one-day course which focuses on hands-on, practical field exercises designed to control flooding damage resulting from cracks, holes, ruptures in pipes, hull plate, and failed watertight fittings. Students will learn about the basic tools, materials, and techniques from experienced Damage Control Mariners. Trainees are required to problem solve, communicate, discover, report, isolate and prioritize damage repairs to various anomalies presented by our instructor staff within our advanced Damage Control Trainer that floods at a rate of 500 GPM. Students will create basic I-type and H-Type shoring configurations; install box and bucket patches, along with a variety of pipe patches to include soft, Jubilee, Chain, and Emergency Activated Repair Patch (EWARP).

We also introduce the importance of de-watering methods and discuss various options and available means commonly utilized by the Maritime Industry. We will present examples of electrical submersible pumps and the use of portable diesel-driven pumps to remove flooding water from a watertight compartment.

This course affords invaluable learning opportunities that cannot be simulated onboard your ship and teambuilding concepts which further strengthen the seaworthiness of your crew! Come and train with Resolve Resolve Maritime Academy!

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