Date: March 27, 2023
Contact: Lana Farrell
Telephone: +1 954-463-9195



U.S. Navy, U.S. Coast Guard Officers Compete in Live Firefighting and Shipboard Flooding Drills Aboard Resolve T/V Gray Manatee as Part of Fleet Week,

Port Everglades 2023


April 25th, 2023 9:00am to 4:00pm 

3305 S.E. 19th Avenue

Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33316

Port Everglades


Get ready to witness an adrenaline-packed day of maritime safety training exercises and competitive activities at this year’s annual Damage Control (DC) Olympics.



You are cordially invited to the annual Damage Control Olympics hosted by Resolve Academy. This invitation-only competition is designed for officers and damage control crews from US Navy and US Coast Guard vessels visiting Port Everglades during Fleet Week. Alongside these crews, a team from the Broward Sherriff’s Office (B.S.O.) Fire Rescue Port Everglades will also be participating.

The day of shipboard firefighting and damage control competitions will be led by Resolve Academy’s experienced instructors and personnel.


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Get ready for a thrilling day of maritime safety training exercises and competitive activities, specifically designed for sailors and damage control servicemen and women. Each participating vessel from Fleet Week will have its own team, and participants will put their skills to the test in timed, practical, hands-on training exercises and shipboard emergency response scenarios that are as realistic as they come. Scenarios include navigating live fire, smoke-filled environments, and a flooded ship chamber, making the day an unforgettable experience that provides participants with valuable training and the opportunity to showcase their expertise.

Celebrating its 18th year, the Damage Control (DC) Olympics was created by Resolve Academy to simulate real-life emergencies that sailors or firefighters may experience while aboard a vessel at sea, providing them with valuable experience in a fast-paced, competitive environment. Teams may face penalties for safety violations during the exercises, just like in actual shipboard life. The day’s activities will conclude with an awards ceremony.

In addition to these activities, teams will have the opportunity to bond and unwind with other service men and women, fostering camaraderie alongside the competition. The event will feature entertainment including music, snacks, lunch, and refreshments. A schedule of the competitive events will be provided for participants.



Tuesday, April 25th, 2023, from 9:00 AM until 4:00 PM. The Opening Ceremony kicks off at 9:30 AM and provides a good opportunity for content.



At Resolve Academy’s T/V Gray Manatee located at: 3305 SE 19th Avenue (in Port Everglades), Fort Lauderdale, Florida



As a gesture of appreciation to the brave service men and women who defend our country at sea, Resolve Academy has hosted the DC Olympics for 19 years. This unique program provides a rare opportunity for crews to enhance their skills through intense training drills, as well as live fire situations that can’t be simulated during regular drills at sea.

This event is not open to the public, as it’s exclusively designed for the participants to gain valuable experience and knowledge in a safe and secure environment.


NOTE TO MEDIA:  Media members are invited, please register here: Resolve Academy’s 18th Annual DC Olympics Registration.  Service personnel participants will be available for interview, and there will be numerous opportunities to photograph and tape activities including live burn firefighting and shipboard flood control exercises.

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(The order of events below does not reflect the day’s event schedule)


EVENT 1:  Damage Control Flooding Event (6 Team Members in Coveralls):

This is a timed event and will stop at 12 minutes.

Provided with the necessary tools, DC equipment, and safety gear, the team will enter the wet trainer and apply 2 Jubilee patches, 2 chain wrench patches, 1 bucket patch, various plugs, and wedges, and install a I Type shore using Resolves mechanical shoring. While there is no order on what the teams should do first, the goal is to use all the patches, plugs, wedges, and the shoring to stop as much water entering the space as possible. At the conclusion of the 12 minutes, the water and time will be stopped, and a measurement of water will be taken. The team that has the least amount of water at the conclusion of the drill will be the winner.

  • Resolve provided equipment: all DC equipment and safety gear



EVENT 2:  P-100 Exterior Fire Fighting Event (8 Team Members*)

Each team will consist of 1 pump operator (with hearing protection) and 5 attack line personnel (2 on each hose team and one team leader). Team will assemble on Main Deck Near P-100 pump prior to start.

Teams will be required to rig/prime a P-100 pump, don complete firefighting ensemble (no SCBA required) and discharge water via two (2) 1 ½” X 100′ fire hoses w/ nozzle to attack an exterior live fire on the Bridge Deck (one deck above Main Deck via exterior ladder). Each attack line will be responsible to knock down one of two targets.  *Each team can have two hose handling members that shall remain on main deck. Time will stop when the last target falls.

  • SHIP/TEAM required equipment to bring to the event:

(1) P-100 pump

(1) Suction hose with foot valve

(4) 1 ½” X 50’ fire hose sections.

(2) 1 ½” 60 G.P.M. vari-nozzles (adjustable pattern)

(5) Complete firefighting ensemble including helmet w/shield boots, gloves and flash hood.

(1) Gated Wye

(2) Spanner wrenches



EVENT 3:  Interior Fire Attack (4 – 10 Team Members):

All team members will assemble on main deck. At the signal, time will start. All team members will get dressed out, firefighting ensembles, S.C.B.A. and rig hoses (hose/water/nozzles supplied by Resolve simulator),

The team will then make entry into the port side forward structure advance hose aft to the Engine Room mezzanine and take the aft ladder down into the Engine Room. They’ll advance hose into the Engine Control Room via forward ECR door to address the fire. Target is at bottom left side of fire box. Two members will take forward stairs to lower level with 50’ of 1 ½” and nozzle to locate water supply before the Engine Room. Connect, charge and advance back-up line into the engine room. The back up line is not required to flow water.

Resolve personnel will observe hose movement and fire attack, once the target is knocked down, time stops. All Teams will back hose/nozzle out and prepare for next Team round.

  • Resolve provided equipment: Scott S.C.B.A.’S, and face pieces.



EVENT 4:  Search & Rescue (4 Team Members):

Teams will assemble on Starboard side Main Deck. Two crew members are reported missing in the lower-level passenger cabin area. Team members will dress out in full gear and S.C.B.A. Time starts when Teams enter the forward starboard door and descend ship’s ladder to lower level. Two Teams of two will search the area, locate, and retrieve both missing crew members. Both victims will be delivered to the Main deck, just outside of the forward starboard door. Time stops when both team members and victims exit the door.  Resolve personnel will observer teams for safe practices, proper search patterns, and safe movement in a low-visibility compartment.

  • Resolve provided equipment: Scott S.C.B.A.’s and face pieces



EVENT 5:  Dress-Out Drill (4 Team Members)

Only two (2) personnel will dress out in complete firefighting gear from each team.  The other two team members will assist in the dress out.  The two teams will be approximately 50 feet apart.  At the sound of the buzzer, 1 team member on both sides will dress out completely in bunker gear and SCBA and go on air. Once dressed, both team members will walk briskly to the other ends and meet the assisting team members, at which point the assisting team members will perform a hot bottle swap. Once the bottle swap is complete, the same team members will return to their original starting point and the time will stop.

Resolve personnel will not allow team members to advance to next point if the firefighting gear or SCBA is not donned properly.

  • SHIP/TEAM required equipment to bring to the event: Firefighting ensembles, helmets, gloves, boots, flash hoods, Coveralls.
  • Resolve provided equipment: Scott S.C.B.A.’S, and face pieces.


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About Resolve Maritime Academy

Resolve Maritime Academy is a leading provider of premium maritime training, with a focus on quality training that covers a wide range of topics, including shipboard firefighting, STCW-approved safety and navigation, resource management, and marine safety training.

Resolve Academy tailors their courses, catering to mariners and officers from diverse industries, such as the tanker, offshore vessels, cruise line, and private yacht sectors. Moreover, customized courses are also offered to meet specific onboard situations, policies, and procedures.

As the training arm of Resolve Marine, Resolve Academy has successfully trained over 50,000 personnel to date. This exceptional achievement has cemented the Academy’s position as an industry leader in providing comprehensive and high-quality maritime training.




Damage Control Olympics Winner History


17th – 2019 Scorecard
1st Place USS Albany (SSN 753)
2nd Place USS Hue City (CG 66)
3rd Place USCGC William Flores (WPC 1103)
Honorable Mention USS New York (LPD 21)
Honorable Mention USCG Spencer (WMEC 905)
Honorable Mention USS Farragut (DDG 99)
16th – 2018 Scorecard
1st Place USCGC Willow (WLB-202)
2nd Place USS Kearsarge (LHD3) Team 1
3rd Place USS Kearsarge (LHD3) Team 2
Honorable Mention USCGC Confidence (WMEC-619)
Honorable Mention USCG Robert Yered (WPC-1104)
Honorable Mention USS Detroit (LCS-7)
15th – 2017 Scorecard
1st Place USCGC Margaret Norvell
2nd Place USS New York (LPD21)
3rd Place USCGC Forward
14th – 2016 Scorecard
1st Place USS California (SSN 781)
2nd Place USS Bainbridge (DDG 96)
3rd Place USS Bataan (LHD5)
Honorable Mention USS Cole (DDG 67)
13th – 2015 Scorecard
1st Place USS Cole (DDG 67)
2nd Place USCGC Yered
3rd Place USS WASP (Team 1) (LHD1)
Honorable Mention USS James Williams (DDG 95)
Honorable Mention USS WASP (Team 2)
Honorable Mention USS New Hampshire (SSN 778)
12th – 2014 Scorecard
1st Place USS New York (Team 1) (LPD21)
2nd Place USCGC Margaret Norvell
3rd Place USS New York (Team 2) (LPD21)
No Fleet week in 2013
11th – 2012 Scorecard
1st Place USS San Jacinto (CG56)
2nd Place USS Dewert (FFG45)
3rd Place USS Gettysburg (CG64)
10th – 2011 Scorecard
1st Place USS Iwo Jima (LHD7)
2nd Place USS Ross (DDG71)
3rd Place USS Normandy (CG60)
9th – 2010 Scorecard
1st Place USS Iwo Jima  (LHD7)
2nd Place FGS Hessen (F221)
3rd Place USS Key Biscayne (WPB1339)
Honorable Mention USS Newport News (SSN750)
Honorable Mention USS Porter (DDG78)
Honorable Mention USS Halyburton (FFG40)
8th 2009 Scorecard
1st Place HMCS Preserver (AOR510)
2nd Place USS Ashland (LSD48)
3rd Place USS Tahoma (WMEC908)
Honorable Mention USS Forrest Sherman (DDG98)
Honorable Mention USS Toledo (SSN769)
7th – 2008 Scorecard
1st Place USS Iwo Jima (LHD7)
2nd Place USS Mitscher  (DDG57)
3rd Place USS Carter Hall (LSD50)
Honorable Mention USS Reliance
Honorable Mention USS Vella Gulf (CG72)
Honorable Mention USS Ramage
6th – 2007 Scorecard
1st Place USS Forrest Sherman (DDG98)
2nd Place USS Gunston Hall
3rd Place USS San Jacinto (CG56)
Honorable Mention USS Kearsarge (LHD3)
Honorable Mention USS Memphis (SSN691)
Honorable Mention USS Ponce (LPD15)
5th – 2006 Scorecard
1st Place HMCS Preserver (AOR510)
2nd Place USS Oscar Austin (DDG79)
3rd Place USS Boone (FFG28)
Honorable Mention USS Shreveport (LPD12)
Honorable Mention USS San Antonio
4th – 2005 – Scorecard
1st Place USS Stout (DDG 55)
2nd Place USS Laboon (DDG 58)
3rd Place USS Nashville (LPD 13)
Honorable Mention USS Gates (CG 51)
Honorable Mention HMS Endurance
Honorable Mention USS Bataan (LDH 5)
3rd – 2004 – Scorecard
1st Place USS Enterprise (CVN 65)
2nd Place USS Trenton (LPD 14)
3rd Place USS Mitscher (DDG 57)
Honorable Mention USS Groves (FFG 29)
Honorable Mention USS Miami (SSN 755)
Honorable Mention USS Philippine Sea (CG 58)
Honorable Mention USS Simpson (FFG 56)
2nd – 2003 – Scorecard
1st Place USS Cole (DDG 67)
2nd Place USS McFaul (DDG 74)
3rd Place USS Gettysburg (CG 64)
Honorable Mention USS Stout (DDG 55)
Honorable Mention USS Thorn (DD 988)
Honorable Mention USCGC Confidence (WMEC 619)
1st – 2002 – Scorecard
1st Place USS San Jacinto (CG 56)
2nd Place USS Porter (DDG 78)
3rd Place USS McFaul (DDG 74)
Honorable Mention USS Deyo (DD 989)
Honorable Mention USS Stout (DDG 55)