On April 29 in Port Everglades, Resolve Maritime Academy hosted the 13th Annual Damage Control Olympics.

As a part of Fleet Week, the Damage Control Olympics brings together US Navy and US Coast Guard vessel officers and damage control crew to compete in shipboard firefighting and damage control competitions.

The competition consists of a series of practical, hands-on training exercises and shipboard emergency response scenarios, including interaction with live fire, smoke-filled environments, and a flooded ship chamber. These challenges are designed to recreate real-life emergencies that a sailor could experience onboard a vessel at sea and gain valuable experience in a fast-paced, competitive environment.

Below are the challenges these crews had to complete.

P-100 Fire Fighting Drill

Each team consisted of one pump operator with hearing protection and four hose personnel,
two on each hose. Teams were required to rig a P-100 pump, don complete firefighting ensemble, and discharge water via two fire hoses to attack a live fire in this timed event.

Dress-Out Drill / SCBA Relay Race

Each team consisted of four personnel. Two had to dress out in complete firefighting gear, while the other two assisted in the dress out. Approximately 50 feet apart, the two teams had to assemble one SCBA, don the SCBA and face piece, then run to the next team member who will remove the SCBA. The last team member will don the SCBA, run back to the starting point and remove the SCBA. On their second run, the team member were required to change out the SCBA cylinder, don the SCBA, run to next team member, then remove the SCBA in this timed event.

Pipe Patch Drill

This event was a combination timed and leakage rate evolution. Teams consisted of two personnel are were required to isolate water flow through piping system. They then had 30 minutes to complete a soft patch on the pipe rupture. At the 30-minute mark, the isolation valves were open and Resolve personnel determined the winner by the leakage rate.

Portside Interior Fire Attack

This event required all team members to participate. Teams had to dress out in firefighting ensembles and SCBA, manage hose rigging, enter the structure, advance the hose to the top of the Post Office ladder and lower hoses down. Then the fire team had to proceed down the ladder, while the second hose was laid out and charged. Then they made an entry into the engine room and the crew’s lounge to attack the fire. Once the fire is determined “out” by Resolve personnel, the fire team then withdrew from the crew lounge, exited via the Post Office ladder, and backed hoses out to the main deck.

Search & Rescue Drill

This event required four team members (two teams of two) who had to dress out in full gear and SCBA, enter the Officer’s Quarters area, and perform a search for a victim. Once the victim was located, the first team evacuated, and the second team entered to perform a rescue and remove the victims to a safe area. Resolve personnel observed teams for safe practices, proper search patterns, and safe movement in a zero-visibility compartment. Teams wer judged on proper search patterns, proper team movement, and proper movement of victims in this timed event.

Resolve Maritime Academy is proud to continue to host the Damage Control Olympics in appreciation for the service men and women who serve our country at sea. This program provides them an opportunity to hone skills during drills or training sessions, and in live fire situations that are not possible in drills at sea.

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