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Safety & Security


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Lecture, Simulation




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STCW Basic Safety Training

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Resolve Academy’s Basic Safety Training comprises of the following:

      • First Aid/CPR – 1 Day
      • Personal Survival Techniques – 1 1/2 Day
      • Personal Safety & Social Responsibilities – 1/2 Day
      • Basic Fire Fighting – 2 Days

The Basic Safety Training course provides the necessary training to meet the Standards of Training, Certification, and Watchkeeping (STCW 2010) code, tables A-VI/1-1 through A-VI/1-4 as required by the USCG and the IMO.
This course provides the mariner with the basic safety skills and knowledge required to be an effective team member, before being assigned aboard a ship. Basic safety training and familiarization are provided in the areas of personal survival techniques, fire prevention and firefighting, first aid /CPR, and personal safety & social responsibilities.
The program design allows mariners to complete the four modules individually or within 5 days.

Please call for further information or individual module pricing. (40 hours total)

A mariner who successfully completes the course will satisfy the following requirements:

      1. Basic Training per STCW Code Section A-VI/1;
      2. Basic Training per 46 CFR 11.302(a) and 46 CFR 12.602(a);
      3. Basic Fire Fighting per 46 CFR 11.201(h)(2)[Basic only] and 46 CFR 11.201(h)(3);
      4. The firefighting requirements for a national tankerman; endorsement in 46 CFR 13.201(c)(3), 13.301(c)(3); 13.401(d); and 13.501(c)(3); and
      5. The first aid and CPR training requirements of 46 CFR 11.201(i)(1).

The Revalidation Course can be found here:  Basic Safety Training Revalidation 

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STCW Basic Safety Training Class during Basic Firefighting portion of course.
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